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With the AIDAnova getting closer to launching service, Carnival Maritime has been running an advanced LNG training program at sea since June.

Working with Wessels Reederei, which is providing the LNG- powered container ship WES Amelie for training purposes, the course prepares captains and officers with the skills needed to maneuver an LNG-powered vessel.

The 30-day onboard training sessions on the WES Amelie enable AIDA’s captains and officers to experience what it is like to sail a LNG-powered vessel, according to a statement. Participants also take part in bunkering procedures and emergency drills.

In addition, Carnival Maritime’s landside ship superintendents are completing training courses with Wessels.

“We are very happy to be helping Carnival Maritime by providing our valuable insight and experience in the operation of

LNG vessels,” stated Christian Hoepfner of Wessels Reederei. “Safe handling of LNG is a key aspect of the introduction of LNG as a maritime fuel. By contributing our expertise we hope to make the use of LNG more widespread, which will also help to further roll out LNG bunker infrastructure.”

“The purpose of practical training is not just to build knowledge, but also to gain confidence in handling the technology and develop safety awareness when using LNG,” said Caroline Baumgärtner, director of maritime training at Carnival Maritime. “I am very grateful to Wessels Reederei for their excellent support. This cooperation is very valuable for our company and our crew.”

AIDA Captain Vincent Cofalka, who has already completed his training course, added: “To experience hands-on what LNG operations are like onboard the WES Amelie was a valuable opportunity, and the support provided by the team on board was tremendous. I would like to thank everyone, also on behalf of my colleagues, for their patience and their untiring willingness to share their knowledge.”

Officers also undergo intensive LNG Management Level Training at the Center for Simulator Maritime Training (CSMART) in Almere in the Netherlands. In the next five years, the Costa Group plans to commission five LNG cruise ships, and Carnival Maritime will be providing the relevant training courses for the crew.

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