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a view of what chinas shipping and shipbuilding industries could become in the next 5yrs is emerging through recent events such as the recent launch of the first chinise built L.N.G. carrier'
the cargo handled through shanghi ports will excede 400million tons this year.
container handling will surpass 17million 20ft equiv.t.e.u's.
leading the fray in the shipbuilding context is the china state shipbuilding corp. which aims to make it's co. the largest shipbuilding the world.
the japanese and so. koreans shiyards have been warned.
the shortest time building for a 75,000t.blk carrieris only 8months.
on top of this,a method called semi-series building ,which see four ships built in parallel in one dock has already been introduced to the construction of the 175,000t bulk carrier
wether the article got the tonnage right on the two ships,1.75,000t 2 ,175,000 was'nt quite clear. dom
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