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We were in Hong Kong homeward bound on the Benvenue and had the usual painting and chipping gangs aboard.The chipping and scraping gang were on the forecastle working,the two forward derricks on No 1 hatch,the topping lifts came through a sheave with a clamp then onto the bitts,while they were working away one of them decided to take the turns of the bitts thinking the clamp was screwed up, of course it was'nt and down came the five tonner landing on the fore deck,how nobody was killed or mamed we will never know but everyone got a scare.those shore gangs sure got the jobs done,the whole ship was painted over the wall in a couple of days (Ouch) (Fly)

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Hi Wully,

Almost certain that is the Ben Larig.

Maybe our paths crossed somewhere on the Benarty first time round? (Heavy lift Stủlken Derrick).

* Benarty 17.3.64 to 21.4.64 – 4th Eng
Bendearg 22.4.64 to 4.2.65 – 4th Eng
Ben Valla 02.12.66 to 26.07.68 – 3rd Eng
Ben Lawers 05.10.70 to 13.11.70 – 2nd Eng
Benarty 08.04.71 to 13.08.71 – 2nd Eng
City of Edinburgh 08.08.74 to 12.11.75 – 2nd Eng
Ben Venue/Macdui/Cleuch 28.04.76 to 23.12.76 Chief

Maybe you know my brother Chippy Porter - Ben Line circa 1958 to 1968

The other Ben boats I sailed in were all Chinese on deck.

Best regards,
Taleso (Thumb)
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