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City of Dundee 5316 tons built 03/1921 by Palmers of Newcastle. 406.0 x 52.1 x 29.2. 2 steam turbs DR geared to one screw shaft. DF,ESD. Ex Sandon Hall Registered Liverpool British Flag.

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Built in 1919. 5,157 tons. Launched as War Midge, 1928 renamed City of Guildford, 1943 torpedoed and sunk by U.593 off Madeira.

City of Guildford (2)
Built 1957. 4,945 tons. 1979 sold to Greece renamed Eurydice.


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Cities of Guildford and Dundee

Hi Jam Butty
City of Guilford
Built 1957 Swan hunter and Wigham Richardson newcastle
oal 434ft x 59.2 ft x 24.7 ft 4945 GRT 2517NRT 7760 DWT
Delivered to Hall Line 1957
Sold out of Ellerman City lines 1979 to Eurydice Maritime Co Greece and renamed Eurodyce 1979
Renamed Mighty Spirit of Chimadea Shipping Maritime Co of Panama 1981
Sold to Wonder Shipping and Maritime of Malta renamed Nirav 1984/
Resold to Tricommerce Ltd Malta and delivered to Bagladesh breakers Sept17/1984. demolished at Chittagong.

City of Dundee
Built 1961 Rodd Caledon 4798GRT 2524NRT 7863 DWT
Completed and handed over to Ellerman and Bucknall SS Co 20June
1978 Sol;d to Dundee Maritime of Cyprus and renamed "Dundee"
1980 renamed City of Dundee of Kilkis Navigation of Cyprus, owned by Lifedream Cia Naviera Limassol/ Cyprus.
1984/Jan 17 Arr Gadani Beach and scrapped by Panama Shipbreaking Co

Above info frm Duncan Haws merchant Fleets Ellerman Lines

Hope this of some help

Best regards

Fergus 62 (Thumb)
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