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Ellerman Lines St Albans

Hi I was on the St Albans in November 1969 as Electrian on home
trade, I was with Ellerman Lines from 1965 till 1973. hope this photo is ok for
you best regards Robin.I have another one when i get around to putting it on the Laptop.

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Found her as well on an old Cd-r, that was send by a friend, so no further details/credits known.
Sorry for this one, haven't seen that you're looking for a Liberty, so 2 for the price of 1
Frederick Banting
MOWT (City Line Ltd, Glasgow)
1947 CITY OF ST.ALBANS, Ellerman's City Line.- British flag.
1959 MARINERI, Soc de Nav.Magliveras SA, Panama (Luigi Monta fu Carlos, Genoa)
1966 Lymnia Shipping Co, Cyprus (Wigham Richardon & Co, London)
1967 Four Winds Carriers Ltd, Cyprus (Luigi Monta, Genoa)
1967 LIBERTAS, Dolphin Shipping Co, Cyprus (same managers)
1969 Scrapped Onomichi, Japan.


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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