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Crew Lists – City of Winchester (IV)
Please add any Crew Lists or individual names and dates you may have to this thread.
Thanks and Cheers

Brief History
Keel Laid 30 September 1975
Launched 03 March 1976
Completed June 1976
Builders Bremen-Vulkan Schiffbeau & Maschinenfabrik, Vegesack
Engined Bremen-Vulkan Schiffbeau & Maschinenfabrik, Bremen
Engine Details Single acting 2 stroke 6 cylinder MAN engine, Type K6Z70/120E
TEU 322
Sisters City of Canterbury (IV), City of York (V)

She was of the Bremen Progress Class, Series B
First Master was NB Airey
First Chief Engineer was J. Watters
1981 sold to Architug Shipping SA Greece
Renamed Arc Odysseus
1982 sold to Solco Inc. Greece
Name unchanged
1989 renamed Nortween Slevik
1990 renamed Slevik
1993 renamed Lady Sharon
1997 renamed Harmony Dove
26 May 2001 broken up in Chittagong

Sorry, No Crew Lists
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