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Press release just found from earlier this year. Seems that the French were not quite so "honest" with their facts and figures....

A row over the fate of a decommissioned French aircraft carrier due for demolition in India took an embarrassing turn yesterday, after a report that the ship contained almost twice as much asbestos as the French government had previously suggested.

The imminent arrival of Clemenceau has provoked protests across India, with environmental groups warning that it will pollute waters and pose a health hazard at the Alang scrapyard in Gujarat.

Last week Admiral Alain Oudot, the chief of staff of the French navy, said the vessel carried 45 tons of asbestos, banned in France since 1997. Now a leaked note suggests that he actually put the figure at 75 tons.

India is due to decide today whether to send the ship, now in the Arabian Sea, back to France.

C'est la vie....Rushie (EEK)
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