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Clymene was launched by Miss Elizabeth Rowell, daughter of the Chairman of Hawthorn Leslie and somewhat surprisingly the name was chosen by the sponsor (and not the Owner). It is reported that she was the first ship in the world to have epoxy coated tanks and on delivery entered onto a 20 year charter with Shell, later extended so that her entire career was spend under their control and nearly all of it in Far East and Australia & New Zealand trades. As a clean oil ship with coated tanks, she was chartered by Shell to the Americans during the Vietnam War and made numerous trips up river with aviation spirit.

The second ship of Hadley Shipping to bear the name Clymene was a box hold cargo ship, adapted for the carriage of newsprint. She was built in 1976 at Rostock for the Norwegian owners Lars Rej Johansen (yard number 479), an ice-strengthened bulk carrier and christened JOCARE. She was sold to CNM of Martinque and renamed OYAPOK in 1977, then sold to Delmas in 1978 and re-named BARBIZON. In 1979 purchased by Hadley Shipping, re-named CLYMENE and adapted to carry newsprint, then sold to Italians in 1986, re-named Chris. - She carried on her chequered career of being sold on at regular intervals: being sold to Blue Atlantic of Bahamas in 1988 and re-named B.A. Chris, then in 1990 sold to Tembo Shipping and re-named Alba. In 1993 sold again, this time to Sun Glory of Hong Kong and re-named Sun Glory.

The fourth Hadley vessel to be named Clymene, this one was built as Ming May and it was a complicated deal, with the ship purchased during construction from the original Owners, then re-purchased at yard on her completion, but due to export licence complications, she had to be named as such and sail from Chinese territorial waters under that name and then be re-named at her next port of call (Singapore)

The yard said it would be bad luck not have an actual naming ceremony (but as the original two Owners had no interest as they had already sold the ship) this left HSC having to hold a ceremony to name her in Jiangnan Shipyard, then re-name her again under CLYMENE when she got to Singapore.

Details as the MV Chris 6349 tons built 1976 at Rostok by BVSchiffswerke "Neptune"121.85 x 17.61 x 9.91. Ice strenghtened. 1- 6 cylinder 2SA 570 x 800 5325 BHP3917Kw built by MAN Halberstadt. 3 generators 300Kw 380v 50 Hz AC. Speed 13 knots. Code flags IBIH. Registered Napoli. Italian flag. DF, ESD, GyC,pfd, r/t m/h/v.Owned by Palmina Madre SaS
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