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I have been talking to several people about this and it appeared that the 24 Liberty Ships build as Colliers would of been correct for Baltimore in the 1960s. However, based on Sawyer and Mitchell's "The Liberty Ships" those 24 ships were strictly Hampton Roads and not Baltimore.

Also the book indicated that in 1944 when it was decided to build these 24 ships it was due to the age of existing colliers. Of the existing 40 colliers serving the Eastern seaboard only 2 were less than 20 years old and 11 were more than 30 years old.

Also was noted that fact that the Liberty colliers were too large in length and draft in some locations. They were in the 11,000 dead weight where previous East coast colliers were the standard 8,000 Dead weight.

So I am now looking for information on the 8,000 dead weight colliers that could of called on Baltimore and also that size ship would fit better on my layout. There were in Baltimore at the time several coal piers including: Western Maryland Railway at Port Covington, the Baltimore and Ohio, and the Pennsylvania Railroad at their piers.

Thanks, Jay
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