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As most of us are approaching 70 or more we are lucky if our mothers are still with us as they will be in their 90's, having just lost my Mother within a month of her 93 birthday.

In the US its an excuse for more spending, whereas here in the UK its Mothering Sunday, the day that the big houses of the Lords and Gentry allowed their staff to go and see their mothers and take a cake they had made below stairs.
But like a lot of 'feast days' its a big commercial thing in the US. We never had Halloween in the UK, but bonfire night ( collecting coppers for the Guy Fawkes effigy you had made) and All Souls night, not this Trick or Treating lark.
So, when is Fathers Day, 9 months before Mothers Day.

I cannot see Bosses Day going down too well over here, and Secretaries Day, well there are no secretaries now, you type it yourself, they are just clerks or administrative assistants or some other gender neutral label. Even your Company Secretary's have dispeared and have some pc name.
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