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I’m fed up with ‘Format’, ‘Edit’, and ‘View’
‘File’, ‘Insert’ ‘Scroll’, and ‘Tools’ too.

I feel sick when I have to click
Six times or more, and then before
I get what I want,
Something pops up about… the ‘Font’

I’d rather do what I did years ago
When a chipping hammer was a ‘tool’ I’d know
Or a soojey wad, all sloppy and wet
When ‘Computer’ was a word I hadn’t heard yet.

The only ‘View’ that mattered to me
Was looking out on the deep blue sea
The only ‘File’ I saw when away from land
Was going back and forth in an engineer’s hand

‘Format’ is a word still a mystery to me
But it’s certainly lurking in my PC
And ‘Edit’ makes me look back and think
Of the days when I wrote with pen and ink

Which leads to a thought that enters my head
Is the kids of today have computers instead
And ten year olds know that ‘double click’
Takes them to a place they decide to pick

Us old ‘uns have the best of two ways
We know the values of the olden days
But know the advantage of recent inventions
May grace us with the best of intentions

The old and the new, have values too
That serves in a way that is good and true
I did love the life that I had at sea
But don’t know what I’d do without my PC

It takes me amongst those special men
Who shared a life that was precious then
And though they’re only memories past
They’ll do me until my final “Make fast”

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Absolutely correct,well done.

Brian. (Read)

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Well done OldBosun!

You should be ready to take over from Andrew Motion as poet laureate in a couple of years. (Thumb)


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Bos'n poets (not the acronym)

Is it a requirement that Bos'ns have a literary/poetic bent?
The following was endlessly quoted to me by the Bos'n on the Baron Wemyss, one William Maclachan, who may or may not have written it but who certainly knew it off by heart -

If some time you think that your leaving,
Would leave an unfillable hole,
Just follow this simple instruction,
And see how it humbles your soul.

Get a bucket and fill it with water,
Put your hand in it up to your wrist,
Take it out and the hole that's remaining,
Is a measure how much you'd be missed.

Now the moral of this simple story,
Is aye to the best that you can,
But stop!
Think back and remember,
There is no indispensible man!
Bosun 28-11-66

There's a life lesson there (K)

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Late in 1999 Forth Navigation asked me on VHF what preparations I had on board to cope with the threatened "Millennium Bug." I told them I would navigate as I used to do before marine electronics arrived. They made no further comment.
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