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No doubt the current sea going members will have noticed the growing trend, on the smaller ships, for Cook/ABs. Works okay on some ships, a disaster on others, depends on the route, cargo and of course the Skipper. Tried it once, the first couple of weeks were great, self service breakfast, Soup and a sandwich/salad type lunch with main meal being in the evening. Then we had a change of Skipper who insisted that the Cook/AB worked on deck till 1030, took a 30 min "smoke oh" and had lunch on the table by 1130. In the afternoon, work on deck till 1530, take 30 min "smoke oh" and have a meal on the table by 1700. Think he was taken aback with my efforts, written notice on arrival in the messroom, followed by prawn cocktail, roast beef then cheese........................ all contained in foil packets. Different flavoured crisps!!!! Luckily we were tied up in Newport with a handy Chippie and train station.
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