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This page provides a list of Court Line ships and basic information about them.

As far as is known this list is complete, but if any member knows otherwise, please update it or send a Personal Message to Benjidog or one of the other Moderators to correct it.

The page includes Hotspots to jump to pages for the ships where these exist. Existing pages show up with white titles and non-existent pages show up with green titles.

Court Line Ships List[edit]

Court Line Ships - Basic Information and links

NameLaunchedGRTOther names
Aldington Court (1)19294,891N/A
Aldington Court (2)19447,379Launched as Empire Lord in 1944; later names Aldington Court, Anacreon - White Daisy, Robertina
Arlington Court (1)19054,346N/A
Arlington Court (2)19244,915N/A
Arlington Court (3)19629,662N/A
Barrington Court (1)19064,367Margam Abbey
Barrington Court (2)19244,910Leon de Nervo, Electic
Barrington Court (3)19526,033(L 473', B 60', Sp 12, Diesel engines) Ashoka Yayanti, Yannis, Blue Pearl
Bonnington Court19294,909N/A
Cedrington Court19185,160Cabotia; War Viper
Cressington Court (1)19084,396Roxburgh, Fotini, Fotini Carras, Hillcote
Cressington Court (2)19294,971N/A
Cressington Court (3)1944N/KLaunched as Empire Earl, then named Cressington Court, East Wales, Universal Skipper
Cressington Court (4)196115,628Launched as Hector Halcyon, then named Cressington Court, Inverleith, Manchester, Manhattan
Dallington Court19296,889N/A
Darlington Court19364,974N/A
Dorington Court (1)19084,426Vally, Romsdalsfjord
Dorington Court (2)19154,777Laleham, Harm Fritzen
Dorington Court (3)19395,281N/A
Dorington Court (4)19407,457Launched as Empire Meteor, then named Dorington Court, Giada, Sheikh
Dorington Court (5)19576,046N/A
Errington Court (1)19094,461Bournemouth, Despina, Deslock, Uzan Maru
Errington Court (2)19254,913Tharros, Athens, Navidad
Errington Court (3)19457,056Launched as Empire Favour, then renamed Epsom, Errington Court, Penelope, Andromachi
Errington Court (4)19578,176Ratna Chandralekha, Indian Endeavour, Tamil Preyar E.V.R.
Framlington Court (1)19114,153Cleanthis
Framlington Court (2)19244,860Stamcourt, Landscape, Ami Banker, Ally
Framlington Court (3)19525,754Laxmi Jayanti, Spyros
Geddington Court (1)19123,839Pontos, Icarion
Geddington Court (2)19286,903Kyoho Maru
Geddington Court (3)195410,960Rama Jayanti, Rama
Halcyon Breeze196442,343Derwentdale, Alnadji
Halcyon Cove195518,476Launched as Keizerswaard then renamed Ionic King and finally Rana
Halcyon Days195812,791Launched as Edith Borthen, then renamed Halcyon Days, and finally Halcon
Halcyon Isle195612,569Launched as Konigswaard, then renamed Ionic Queen, Alice, and finally Halcyon Isle
Halcyon Loch196434,794Launched as Beau, then renamed Sibeau, Halcyon Loch, Woodburn, Yeota E, Yeo and finally Stefania A
Halcyon Skies197127,502Patianna, Anna Xyla (or Annaxyla)
Halcyon The Great1971113,543Enerty Prosperity
Halcyon Wave195916,492Laid down as Snestad and renamed Naess Clansman, Halcyon Wave, North Atlantic Unity, Narada, Noufaro, and finally Noor Ba
Hannington Court (1)19125,166Elios, Empire Brigade
Hannington Court (2)19395,449N/A
Hannington Court (3)19546,266Gandhi Jayanti, Gandhi
Ilvington Court (1)19134,217Launched as Dalebank
Ilvington Court (2)19195,187Iolcos; Meandros; launched as War Sniper
Jevington Court (1)19254,544N/A
Jevington Court (2)19566,248Krishna Jayanti, Shankara
Kensington Court 19274,863N/A
Lavington Court (1)19206,567Launched as either Vincenzo Floria or Kalken, then renamed Lavington Court, Africa
Lavington Court (2)19405,372N/A
Mersington Court19205,141Giovanna Florio
Nollington Court19246,097Conistone
Ovington Court19246,095Amblestone
Pennington Court19246,098Rochdale
Quarrington Court19286,900N/A
Rossington Court19286,922N/A
Sinnington Court19286,910N/A
Tilsington Court19286,910N/A
Uffington Court19294,976N/A
Wellington Court19304,979N/A
External References[edit]
  1. Extract from an unknown book provided by Stan Mayes
  2. Data checked with Miramar Ship Index
  1. Entry created by SN Member Benjidog
  2. Do***ents used in the list provided by SN Member Stan Mayes
  3. Additional ships supplied by Clive Ketley
  4. Additional information from SN Member Purserjuk
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