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If any of these people, that have worked with me over the years on these ships are on this site could you please let me know.

HollyBank 1968
AJ Kiff - RN Angle
J Shaw- H Waistel( The Screaming Skull)
C Medlicott
JE Budd
B Mackillop
A Powe
K Keown( 4th Eng)
T Russel(Jr Eng)
BK Banerjee( Jr Eng)
D. Chaplin (Elect), Blown away Austrailian from Ayr
M.Naylor(2/Elect, Cockney)
P Moreland
R Wilson( Arbroath)
D Macleod
P Simpson ( Preston Radio Officer)

Shirrabank 1969/70

H Langton-R Owen
G Tully
F Hunter
D Lorimer - E Stewart
J Hanover
B Mills
L Tombes
M Cooke
D Warnock
T ***iskey
DRJ. Nixon
D Macleod
D Travis ( Radio officer)

Inverbank 1972-74( A two year Party)

Gw Paterson
DJ Rees
Hall Solomon
P Spink
D Gunn
K Kitchen
C Nelson
D Macleod
J Hanover
J Ward
A Contaratos
J Jenkins
E Best( Belfast Man of huge subtance)
M Maciver
C Crawford
R Candlin(Minty)
J Blundell
H Dobinson
A Clarke
I Gaylor
G Webster
T John
W Woods

Ernebank 1973

ET Rees
S Gledhill
S Moran
D Macleod
J Hanover
G. Rossiter
A Mackay
R Hilton
G Maclaughlin
A Irvine
I Macleod
M Macmurtrie
J Patrick
Robinson ( Radio Officer)
Ginger Robertson Marconi ( Bristol)

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Bank Line ships 1953 to 1968, Apprentice to Master
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Hollybank 1968....

Chief Officer, John Shaw went on to command and then become the Assistant Marine Superintendent in Durban where he was subsequently diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. Fortunately this was detected and worked on in good time but with the changes in Bank Line liner services he, his wife, Gwen, and their son Mark, were re-assigned to the U.S. Gulf to superintend the fleet in the region and where they successfully settled until being offered voluntary redundancy in 1980.

John then opened a thriving independent surveyors business. He moved the family to a historic Island property until his early death in
the 1990s (I forget the actual year). He was a very fine fellow, a tremendous colleague and a good friend.

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4th Engineer Hollybank 1968

Hi Don,
Ken Keown here, just seen your thread for the crew list and it bring some great memories back. I still can't place you or for that matter some of the other crew members, but I put that down to age as I am 70 years young now!!!

I do remember most of the engineers & the chief lecky but not to many others. Perhaps if you sent me a photo it might help.


Ken Keown.

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Hello Ken
Great to hear from you, I am not an avid visitor of the Ships Nosatalgia site probably once a month or thereabouts just to see whats out there. Sadly, I had some photo,s of my time on the Hollybank but somewhere along the line between changes of houses flats etc etc they must have got lost. Plenty of Photo's of my 2 years on the Inverbank the" longest and best party on this planet". I'll look through the archives and if I find any I'll most certainly onpass. I would not expect you to remember me as I was a 16 year old deck apprentice at the time but I remember you quite clearly as with Tom Russel ex Royal navy who were always very helpfull when it came to borrow engine room tools to batten down the deep tank lids . Seemed at the time to be an interminable job. Sweating the old B----ks off for the next cargo. But the fun times much more outweighed the bad times and good old Bank Line had characters which today are sadly lacking. Seamanship as we understood is lost forever now and I have only recently left is all about ticking boxes its horrendous .I could go on and on about it ,but I just cannot be bothered. All The best Feel free to respond. Donald.

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Hi Donald,
Thank you so much for your reply, like you I don't go on this site to often and I do apologise for not replying sooner. Did you manage to find any of your old photo's from the Hollybank? if not can you please send me one from the Inverbank?
Donald you said that you only left it recently, so how long did you stay at sea and how far did you go? Did you make Captain?
In the organisation section of your profile I see that you worked for the Port Authorities, where was that and for how long?
I'm not nosy just inquisitive.
If I can get your email address I will send you a recent photo of me and my wife from a recent cruise on the Voyager of the sea's from Sydney to 5 ports in NZ then back to Sydney, Donald it is a magnificent ship 138,000 tdw 311 meters long and carries 3800 passengers WOW it was fantastic.
We live about 200 klm south of Perth in Western Australia and just love the place, I returned here in 1976 after getting married and leaving the MN.

Thats all for now, catch you real soon.


Ken K.

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Ken ------ Managed to ( after some loft searching ) get a few photo's of my time in Bank Line-- Will scan and forward via email if I could get your email address. However I either misplaced or lost quite a few over the years,basically due to lack of care plus constantly shifting from place to place. Its only when a person gets older they wish they had been more responsible and careful - Thats life I suppose. Carry on cruising and enjoy you only live once!!!!

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Hi Donald,
Thanks for your reply thread, good you found some (old) photo's they would have to be old photo's as it was July 1968 when I first joined the Hollybank and Oct 1969 when I left it. 2 trips one as 4th and one as 3rd Eng. Donald that is 47 years ago so yes they will definitely be OLD photo's.
My email address is:-
[email protected]

Looking forward to hearing from you again and of course seeing the photo's.

best regards

Ken K
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