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As the MSC Meraviglia homeported in Hamburg this week, the port marked a new record as over 5,085 guests disembarked after a 10-day trip, and another group of new passengers boarded.

The port staffed up for the occasion, with over 100 employees working in the cruise terminal. A statement also noted the ship took on 400 tons of food.

“Together with MSC Cruises, we have prepared for the passenger numbers,” said Sacha Rougier, managing director of Cruise Gate Hamburg, adding that the Steinwerder Cruise Center is well equipped to handle the passenger numbers over 14 turnarounds from the MSC Meraviglia scheduled in Hamburg this year.

Sailing from Hamburg, the ship offers cruises to Northern Europe, with itineraries featuring the Norwegian fjords, Spitsbergen, Iceland, Brittan, Ireland and other popular destinations.

"German guests appreciate the international, elegant Mediterranean flair on our ships and enjoy the first-class offering we have,” said Michael Zengerle, managing director of MSC Cruises Germany.

Alexander Napp, managing director of PWL Port Services, the agent for the turnaround, said that a successful homeporting operation comes down to proper planning between all participants.

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