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Crystal has launched a new marketing campaign titled “Where Luxury is Personal.”

In the campaign, the "multi-experience luxury travel innovator speaks directly to travelers on levels that go beyond the lavish accoutrements of the good life. The messaging eschews the common notion that luxury entails only the finer things in life in favor of the fact that it is defined by each traveler, making the experience wholly individual," according to a press release.

Working with the experts of MRM//McCann, a global leader in consumer relationships and digital marketing, Crystal has developed a message that focuses on people – from its guests to crew – and how world travel touches their lives.

The new branding campaign spans all Crystal Experiences – Crystal Cruises, Crystal River Cruises, Crystal Yacht & Expedition Cruises, Crystal Luxury Air and Crystal AirCruises – and will be seen across multiple print and digital media platforms beginning this month.

“Travel is extremely personal to those who crave exploration and meaningful moments, and global luxury travel has always been personal to Crystal,” said Carmen Roig, Crystal’s senior vice president of marketing and sales. “Our philosophy of luxury is rooted in the individuality of each of our guests – the stories they’ve lived, what has brought them aboard, the memories they hope to create – and our passion for meeting and exceeding their hopes and expectations.

“We understand that time is precious, and aboard Crystal our guests relish spending their time exactly as they wish. To travel exactly as one chooses, connecting with friends who share their interests, and deeply exploring the world is a true luxury. And we are honored that travelers choose to spend their time with us,” Roig continued.

“The heart of Crystal is our people – the Crystal Family, both our guests and crew – and this new campaign will shine a spotlight on this family. We are honored to celebrate them with a campaign that is as unique and as individual as they are,” Roig said.

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