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I just heard from a contact in UK that Tony White ex 1960 BP Navigating Apprentice and Master died on 2nd March 2020.

I first made contact with Tony in 2009 her on Shipsnostalgia under the nom de plume of Ryder. I do not think he frequented the website as his last posting was 2015. However I think there are a few old ones that should remember him.
When I was in contact he lived in SW England

I never received info on his full time at BPTC but have a collection from old times:
Splendour NA 1961 (from Newsletter photo)
Duchess NA 11/60
Vision NA 11/61
Victory NA 10/62
Crown NA 1962
Patrol NA 1963
Oak 3M 4/65
2nd mates Cert 63/64
Patrol (newsletter photo 64)
Loyalty 2M 1968
Avon CO 4/80
Shoush CO 6/82
Spey Master 9/81

I guess I could find a few more

Incidentally he was married to a female BP Navigating Cadet, some of you might remember her name (I do). They sailed together on one ship


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Sorry to hear that, I was E/C in "British Dart" in 1985 whilst he was Master.

I remember him telling a story of his time as Cadet having a number of tobacco tins under his bunk containing different coloured paints, presumably for model making, and an officious Customs Officer forcing one open, determined that it had contraband in, and spilling it all over his suit!

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