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Hi Tony, I was on her when she was converted. We were working out of Dover laying experimental cable.If ok they were going to lay a cable from Dungeness to France to exchange electricity at peak periods.Thanks for the photo it brought back memories because i was on board throughout conversion. Many thanks Ray Lima of Barry.
Can you recall any more about the cable laying period?
I only recently realised she did the cable laying as I had always thought she was just a collier. I lived opposite Battersea Power station as a kid in the 1960s so I often wonder if she was one of the colliers I saw from my bedroom window every day.

Do you know the dates when she actually did cable laying as the dates on Aberdeenships are confusing when compared with the dates at Clydeships!

I am thinking of writing an article about her, although no particular magazine in mind as yet.

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