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My grandfather was a sailor on a very famous Polish frigate and I would love for all of you to know about it.

Dar Pomorza "The Gift of Pomerania", called Biała Fregata ("The White Frigate"), has been associated with Gdynia since 1929. It was built in 1909 in Blohm & Voss shipyard in Hamburg as a school ship of the German merchant navy. After launching on 18 September 1909 she was named "Prinzess Eitel Friedrich" and started her service on the virgin voyage to Christiansand and Antwerp. After the defeat of Germany in World War I, the ship was taken over by the French, moving it to the port of Saint Nazaire. In 1926 it was renamed "Colbert" and was to replace the French school sailing ship "Richelieu". This plan did not come to fruition. A year later the frigate became the property of Baron de Foreste, who intended to turn it into an oceanic yacht, but this idea was not realized either.

In 1929 the ship was bought from social donations by the Pomeranian National Fleet Committee for the sum of 7000 pounds sterling. It was to replace the already worn out school barge "Lviv". The frigate was then given another name, "Dar Pomorza", to commemorate the generosity of Pomeranian society. In June 1930, it stood in the roadstead of Gdynia for the first time, and on July 13th, Bishop St. Okoniewski consecrated the ship and its flag.

The frigate was handed over to the State Maritime School in Gdynia and has since become the second (after "Lviv") "cradle of Polish navigators".
In the course of 51 years of service for the Polish Merchant Navy "Dar Pomorza", the ship underwent 102 school voyages, covering half a million sea miles. On its board 13 384 students of the Maritime School were trained.

On August 4th, 1982, "Dar Pomorza" was formally withdrawn from service and on 16th November 1982. The "Gift of Pomerania" was given to the National Maritime Museum in Gdansk.
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