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Can anyone help please. I am looking for info [+pix if possible] about a small ship that ran with the Matson Line, the ss Manoa (1913/6806grt).Latimer in his "passenger ships of the 20th century" that she was sold to the Russians in 1943 and r/n "Balhash".Emmons in his "pacific liners 1927-1972" seems to agree[p126], but neither of them can go on from there. There is no final result. What happened to her. The reason for this request is that I may have a pix of this ship. However as I am a retired person and am only new to the wonders of the net, it is frustrating for me to search for details, with the proverbial "hand tied behind the back" plus I dont have a scanner to post this pix. thanks for any help.
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