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Hello folks,
I have my late father's Royal Navy service record and have been trawling through it for ages to try to learn about his years of service. He joined up as a 17yr old in 1937 and from then on there is a long list of 'ships' - I am trying to fathom which were actual ships and which were bases. The following entries are just the first 4 yrs of his 7 yrs of service which ended in 1946. I do have a few more questions but will post these separately so as not to make this too long!
Between the years 1938 and 1941 are the following exactly as listed:-
Courageous (Wren) 25 Apr 1938
Ark Royal ( -- ) 1 Jan 1939
Ark Royal ( -- ) 7 March 1939
Victory 1 28 Apr 1939
Victory 2 (Whitby) 8 May 1939
Osprey 25 July 1940
Cochrane 2 (Jason) 19 Dec 1940
----"------ (---"---) 7 Mar 1941 - This was his 21st birthday!

Is anyone able to enlighten me as to what the names (and in some cases brackets with just ditto in) mean? Was one a base and one a ship? And which? I have searched online but am just confused.
Any help from anyone would be hugely appreciated as there is no family to ask.
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