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Drydocked in Bolnes (near Rotterdam) for Costain Blankenvoort in/around 1972-74. It was a suction hopper dredger.
At the time the largest dredger of its kind.
I know she was sold later, but can anyone help with details and pictures?
I attended part of the newbuilding program I recall.
She was constructed in Clyde, Scotland.

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Ahoy Jan Hendrik,
In my opinion she was built at:
Upper Clyde Shipbuilders Ltd.[Govan Division]-Govan[108 G]
Call Sign:GOZB
Company:Costain-Blankenvoort[U.K.]Dredging Co.Ltd.
L.o.a. x b. x h.:124.97 x 19.66 x 11.74.
Eng.:2 Oil 4SA each 12 Cy. 381x457 7657 kW[10.264bhp]
Mirrlees Blackstone Ltd.-Stckpt.
Gen. 2 x 450 kW 380V 50Hz a.c.
2 Controllable pitch propellers
Thw. thrust propeller fwd.
Fuel: 508.o[d.o]
Speed:13,5 kn.
Type:TM Hopper/Dredger
Trailing Suction Bottom doors
Twin side arms Dredging depth:35.0
Hopper 14720T
2 Ho 27.2 ER 30.7
2 sandpomps each 1491kW[2000bhp]
Der 1[20]
Lately sold to Korea and renamed Goryo Ho
Will look later for pic.
Found her pic as Goryo Ho,still better than nothing.


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Thanks a lot Ruud.

That's her indeed.
She docked at Boele Bolnes and started a large dredging contract in France following that particular docking.
I even remember the names of the Technical Director and Marine supt.., Hazewinkel and Gaasterland.
Don't think Cobla is still in existence, they would have merged with one of the other main dredging companies as has been the case so often.
Guess they are with Westham now or Ballast Nedam/van Oordt.

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"Delta Bay" was the dredger that dredged the Tees Approach Channel to take 200,000 ton ships up to 57 ft. draft in the early 1970's. I believe it was her first dredging contract from new. I seem to remember she was here for well over a year.
Tony C
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