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There were several phases of WW II, but there were two crucial elements that developed....almost side by side: Japan’s naval strategy for one such phase, and America’s ability to read that strategy in secret.

This all became apparent in four days in early May, on the waters northeast of Australia, ships of the U.S. Navy fought ships of the Imperial Japanese Navy in a battle unlike any other in previous history: for in the “Battle of the Coral Sea,” the opposing vessels never actually saw one another at all. you've read the 'intro' to this 'strange event' that nobody seen anybody ....but they were still expected to fight this enemy they couldn't see....
This actually is very the time this was entirely "new" to both sides..... In todays world we don't think a thing about it...but back then it was a "big deal". is the story.....just click on this link: DISTANT WINGS .....and you'll be taken right to the link.

Hope you enjoy and it is interesting to you.

Bud Shortridge

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