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Jan Hendrik said:
In my collection I found photos of 3 ancient dredgers which must have been built in the 1940's, latest 1950's.
First picture is a bucket dredger called RIJN (after the river Rhine), second one is a suction dredger with spray capacities and third one is a sand suction dredger called Espana.

By now they must have all gone to the dredger cemetery, but anyone with more details , welcome.
Hello, Jan,
If you are interested I have a photo of the steam bucket dredge IRK belonging to the Manchester Ship Canal Company. I worked on her as a deck boy for a few weeks before going deep sea in 1937. Only problem is, I haven't yet worked out to attach a picture on this site.
regards, Allan Wareing
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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