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I am researching Captain John EVANS of "Bangor,Carnarvonshire"
He drowned when his ship Duchess of Gloucester foundred on Rathlin Island.R
Registered (Official No.24155 73 tons)in Newry and sailing with slates from Bangor to Colraine.
Possibly born at Twlc near Clynnog abt 1837.

How can I find out more about this ship?

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I have a list of vessels registered in Newry for nearly 3 centurys but have not come across the Duchess of Gloucester of Newry. Nor does Ian Wilson list it in his "Shipwrecks of the Ulster Coast" or Ed. J. Bourke in his two editions of "Shipwrecks of the Irish Coast". But strangely it is not a common name in registers and I can only find one referance which may well be the vessel you seek. Details are == From Lloyd's Register1845 - Duchess of Gloucester, schooner, Masters - Smith, and J.Prout, 88 and 68 tons, Built - Gloucester 1828, Owners - Southan & Co. and J.Prout. Port of reg. - Gloucester. Destained voyage - Gloucester coaster. Lloyd's Register 1834 - Duchess of Gloucester,schooner, master - Newman, 88 tons, Built - Gloucester 1828, Owners - Captain & Co. Port - Gloucester, Destained voyage - Gloucester to Gibralter. By my next register for 1851 she is no longer listed. Do you know the date of her loss? I doubt if this is much help, but good luck with your quest. Charley

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Duchess of Goucester Rathlin Island 1863

Thanks for the information.Here is what I have:
John Evans born Tabernacle Street, Bangor, North Wales in 1824 marrried with 4 children who lived in Bangor.

Typed noted writtten in about 1975.
Information from Lloyd's List 1863.
Greenock 9th November
The DUCHESS of GLOUCESTER ( Schooner) of Newry, with slates, was picked up yesterday, abandoned, by a steam tug off Rathlin Island and brought in here.
Greenock 12th November
The DUCHESS of GLOUCESTER , which was towed in here derelict, was bound from Bangor to Colraine
Greenock 14th November
The bodies of two men were washed ashore at Rathlin Island yesterday together with a boat bottom up. One of the bodies had a medal round its neck, with' John Evans ,Bangor' upon it, and a cap with ' DUCHESS of GLOUCESTER ' marked on it, picked up abandoned off Rathlin Island, 8 Nov
and brought in here.
Duchess of Gloucester
Registered Newry
Official No.24155
73 tons.

EVANS, J, found Bull Rocks, cuireadh 11/11/1863, aois c. 26
young man, found Bull Point, cuireadh 11/11/1863, aois c. 19
man, found Doon Point nr Bull, cuireadh 14/11/1863
man, found Bull, cuireadh 14/11/1863
boy, found nr Bull, cuireadh 15/11/1863, aois c. 14

I also have a copy of a letter dated 14 January 1864 written by Rev. Gage minister of Rathlin to Mrs Evans describing the effects of Evans and his burial with the other four crewmen in his churchyard.

Many thanks
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