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Built by Deutsche Werft 1930 as "Vancouver" for Hamburg America Line.
In 1940 seized by the Dutch and named "Curacao", in 1946 renamed as "Duivendijk" for the HAL and in 1953 renamed to "Duivendyk". GRT 8338
Scrapped in 1959. There has ever been only one vessel with this name for the HAL.

In 1953/1954 all vessels ending in ......dijk were renamed into .......dyk, a friendlier English version.
The second last letter of the Dutch alphabet in fact is "ij" which you write as "i" and "j" combi. This letter is pronounced as "ij" as in wine.

dijk and dyk both thus have the same meaning i.e. dike.

The photo is a promotional postcard from the company and here the vessel's old name is still visible..


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