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Edwin Fox - Unknown Object

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Hello everyone, I am trying to identify the following object which was discovered on the ship when she was refloated and moved into the dry dock (photos attached)

We don’t know if the item is from the original ship build (1853) , added later or is part of the Bell Coleman and Haslam refrigeration equipment which was installed in London in 1885 prior to her departure for her new life in New Zealand. Parts of this equipment were originally from the steamers Victory and Florida. In addition there were 4 13 ton vertical boilers of the Cochrane tube pattern. When the ship ended as a freezer hulk much of this equipment was stripped and used in the newly built freezing plant in Picton and from that date the ship was used as a Coal Hulk.

The item is made out of metal, probably iron and is very , very heavy
measurements width, 72cm, height 22cm in the middle and 21cm each end, holes are about 3.5cm in diameter

Ideas anyone?

Kind Regards


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Hi Malcolm, yes I work for the Edwin Fox Museum but unfortunately nobody knowns what it is
Hi, I might be way off. This object looks like what was called a "Rocker Foot." Heavy machinery that HAD to stay in place, But was required to flex a little due to weight was anchored by these.These were usually seen under Boilers or other liquid holding machinery. I hope I am correct.
brilliant idea, the ship had 4 boilers fitted when she sailed from London to NZ to start her life as a freezing hulk.
These were 4 13 ton vertical boilers of the Cochrane fire-tube pattern, they came off an auxiliary steamer owned by Shaw Saville (I haven't found the name of it yet)

I will dig out some drawings and photos of those and see if I can find anything which looks like the item - I will let you know how I go

thanks again
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