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One of my Favourites

I joined this ship in Dublin as EDH on 28/12/73 and paid off a month later in Swansea. I thought she was a great ship and re-joined her in Amsterdam a week later!!
We signed on on 29/1/74 and went out East returning on 12/6/74 I had a great time with a great crowd. I then joned Antilochus as AB for a round the land job and paid off her on 15/7/74in Glasgow. I went home, or should I say, to the Mona, and the lads in there told me Elpenor was due to sail that day for the East so I went down to Gladstone Dock and there she was with Blue Peter flying. I went aboard and she was 1 AB short, someone hadn't turned up, so I signed on againreturning to Liverpool on18/11/74. What a great trip.
It was when we got home that I learned that most of Blueys British Fleet had been sold, we were all devastated to say the least.

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Elpenor (2)1954
1978 sold to Liberian owners,
renamed United Concord.

Here her younger sister:
Elpenor (1)1917
1935 transferred to Glen Line
renamed Glenfinlas.
1947 - 1950 reverted to Blue Funnel Elpenor,
1950 to Glen Line Glenfinlas,
1952 scrapped.
Courtesy by John Gardner for Hempel's Marine Paints S/A


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Elpenor was one of my favourite ships

Taken in Glasgow in 1976 at the Meadowside berth now razed and has become an upmarket housing development.
I made three trips on the M/V Elpenor, June 18 1958 to Oct 3rd 1958
Nov 11th 1958 to Feb 13th 1959, and March 10th 1959 to July 16th 1959.

I was the Captains "Tiger" on all voyages that I made on Elpenor.

I can honestly say this was one of the happiest ships that ever sailed the seas.

Any of my old ship mates out there I would be happy to hear from you.

Ernie (Taffy) Barrow. BritTiger22AT.AOL.Com
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