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I have some queries regarding another troop carrier - the Empire Hallidale. She was a reparation ship from Germany.
I am sure that some person/s will provide the answers to the following items,

When was she built, by whom and tonnage, etc.

Who were the Owners,what was her original name and what was her service history.

Who managed/operated her for the British government.

When and where was she scrapped.

I remember assisting in maintenance of the diesel generators when she was in Liverpool, early 50's. Probably 1953. The Paxman diesels (similar engines to the prime movers in the U class subs) required extensive maintenance every time that she returned to the U.K. involving day and night work from the time of the ship's arrival to it's departure.
For obvious reasons she was known to the regular group going on board each time as their 'Wheel of Fortune.'

The main propulsion was twin steam recip engines with Bauer-Wach exhaust turbines and it all looked pretty sick at that time.

She must have leaked a lot also as I recall seeing numerous wheel barrow loads of cement being taken down the tunnel during our time on board.


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Ahoy John,

Wasn't she called the Empire Halladale? If so here a photo of her;

Empire Halladale
(1946-1956 - 13,589 gt) ex- Antonio Delfino (Hamburg Sud), 1945 surrendered to Britain, 1946 renamed Empire Halladale, managed as troopship, 1956 scrapped.

Passenger Ship.
1921 ANTONIO DELFINO, Hamburg South America Line.
1932 SIERRA NEVADA, chartered to North German Lloyd, Bremen.
1934 ANTONIO DELFINO, Hamburg South America Line.
1940 German Navy barracks ship.
1945 Seized by Allies at Copenhagen.
1946 EMPIRE HALLADALE, MOWT managed by Anchor Line - Trooping and leave ship.
1955 Laid up.
1956 Scrapped Glasgow

Built 1921 in Hamburg as the ANTONIO DELFINO for the Hamburg South America Line, she was a 13,589 gross ton ship, twin screw, speed 13 knots with accommodation for 184-1st, 334-2nd and 1,368-3rd class passengers. Used on the Hamburg - River Plate service until 1932 when she was chartered to North German Lloyd and renamed SIERRA NEVADA. At the end of the charter in 1934 she reverted to ANTONIO DELFINO and in 1940 commenced service as a naval accommodation ship at Kiel. 1943 transferred to Gdynia. 1944 used as flagship for officer commanding submarines at Gotenhafen. 1945 transferred over 20,500 refugees from the German eastern territories to the west. May 1945 taken over by British forces at Copenhagen and refitted as a troopship. Nov.1945 allocated to the Ministry of War Transport, managed by Anchor Line and renamed EMPIRE HALLADALE. Oct.1955 laid up and 1956 sold for scrapping at Dalmuir.

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Thanks ruud,
You got the right ship and the right spelling of the name as well.
Excellent information. As I said in my note, the machinery looked in poor condition in 53 so it was not surprising to see that she didnt last too long after that. Regards, John
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