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Whether you are RN, MN or interested in maritime history, this book by Ben Wilson is well researched covering the Rise & Fall of the British Navy.

He starts - England 793 -878 AD through to 1982-2013, ....... the cruel sea which man has made more cruel.

An interesting book with colour plates and maps of fleet actions from the Spanish Armada, Battle of the Saintes, Trafalgar to Jutland will keep you from falling asleep. Not dry prose at all.
There is a Glossary, Bibliography (should you want to read deeper into any area),
Notes and Index.

A very good read and covers a lot of ground, characters and places in its 649 pages. One wonders at times why we are not speaking French or Spanish with the lack of investment at times in the British Navy over the centuries, but we did keep the dogs at bay through luck, professionalism and British pluck.
We certainly did Rule the Waves.

The book will be available through your libraries ( I am far from the sea and it was in our library). At £25 in 2013 , use the libraries before we lose the them.


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