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Just found my dads old discharge book, I knew he went to sea in 1933 and was lucky to survive the war years without being sunk.
When I was young he would tell me stories about some of his times at sea but nothing really about the war.
I remember he told me he was dinking in a bar in Japan with some German sailors when war was declared in 1939.
I have looked up the ships he was on and most survived except the Prince Rupert City.
Now I get to the part I am asking about his last ship in his book is the Empire Deed No. 169113 sign off in middlesbrough 31/01/1945.
The next entry is a written statement "Discharge from M.N.R.P. Termination of war service certificate issued" date stamped 15 Oct 1945.
Just wondering about the gap from signing off to the end of the war, would there of been some job that would not have been recorded in his discharge book?
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