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I am seeking information on the ship on which a model in my possession was based.
The model was made in 1891 in Sydney and along with the original case has been in my family since that time. Little factual information has been handed down as the first owner to whom the model was gifted died in 1908 with little detail passed on. The suggestion is that the ship’s carpenter made the model as a wedding gift.
The attached images show the model in current condition. It will be re-rigged in the near future by a local professional model maker.
Unfortunately it is named Enterprise on the bow and stern and Enterprize on the pennant. Not just a relatively common name but both spellings show in Lloyds lists covering a number of ships that may be candidates. The pennant may have been added to correct the errors on the hull? Not sure. Both spellings seem to be common and interchangeable in newspapers at the time.
Elsewhere on this website I have enquired about Enterprize built in 1888 by JL Thompson, I have determined that is not the ship the model is based on from the photo of that shipped wrecked in 1907. I
I am now back to looking at other possibilities however the Lloyds descriptions are difficult for me to interpret.
Bearing in mind the ship would have needed to be in service in and around Sydney about 1890. Perhaps the design says something about the when and where it was built?
Does anyone have any suggestions as to next steps or what candidates are out there?
Any help gratefully received.


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