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  • 3 Career Highlights
  • 4 Service in WW2 Convoys as Empire Favour
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Court Line used the name Errington Court for four ships:

Errington Court (3) was an Empire ship delivered close to the end of WW2. She managed to take part in a number of conveys before being sold. She was unfortunately in the wrong place during the Arab-Israeli conflict in 1969 and was hit and set on fire.

Basic Data[edit]
  • Type: Cargo ship
  • Registered owners,managers and operators: Ministry of War Transport (MOWT) - Managers Clark and Service Ltd.
  • Builders: Caledon Shipbuilding & Engineering Co. Ltd
  • Yard: Dundee
  • Country: UK
  • Yard number: 411
  • Registry: N/K
  • Official number: 188221
  • Signal letters: N/K
  • Call sign: N/K
  • Classification society: N/K
  • Gross tonnage: 7,056
  • Net tonnage: 4,856
  • Deadweight: N/K
  • Length: 431.3 ft
  • Breadth: 56.3 ft
  • Depth: 35.3 ft
  • Draught: N/K
  • Engines: Triple expansion steam engine
  • Engine builders: Duncan, Stewart & Co. Ltd.
  • Works: Glasgow
  • Country: UK
  • Power: N/K
  • Propulsion: N/K
  • Speed: K/K
  • Cargo capacity: N/K
  • Crew: N/K

Career Highlights[edit]
  • 22 Aug 1945: Launched as Empire Favour
  • Nov 1945: Completed
  • 1947: Sold to Britain Steamship Co.Ltd. London - Managers Watts, Watts & Co. Ltd. and renamed Epsom
  • 1950: Acquired by Court Line Ltd. London - Managers Haldin & Co.Ltd. and renamed Errington Court
  • 1956: Sold to Cia. de Nav. Penelope S.A. Monrovia, Liberia and renamed Penelope
  • 1961: Transferred to Greek flag
  • 1964: Sold to Dalia Cia. Nav. S.A. Piraeus Greece - Purvis Shipping Co.Ltd. London and renamed Andromachi
  • 25 Jun 1969: Hit by Israeli gunfire at Suez and set on fire
  • 1976: Broken up at Ababiyah by Hosai Abdel Ariz

Service in WW2 Convoys as Empire Favour[edit]

The data in the following table has been extracted from External Resource #4. Errington Court (3) took part in 34 convoys.

A key to the routes for these convoys can be found on this page: World War 2 Convoy Names

Despite being delivered so late in the day, Errington Court (then named Empire Favour) took part in some of the final convoys. The data in the following table has been extracted from External Resource #4 which indicates that Errington Court (3) participated in 10 convoys.

List of Convoys

Convoy No.RouteConvoy No.Route
ETC.62Aug 1944: Southend - Seine BayETC.64Aug 1944: Southend - Seine Bay
ETC.71 Aug 1944: Southend - Seine BayETC.76 Aug 1944: Southend - Seine Bay
ETC.82Aug 1944: Southend - Seine BayFTC.67 Aug 1944: Seine Bay - Southend
FTC.73 Aug 1944: Seine Bay - SouthendFTC.79Aug 1944: Seine Bay - Southend
FTC.85Sep 1944: Seine Bay - SouthendFTC.4ASep 1944: Seine Bay - Southend

Service post WW2[edit]

Little information about her service is currently known other than the changes of ownership and name.

During the mid 1950s she was making short trips between the UK and Africa. She carried cargoes of Iron Ore from Conakry and offloaded it at Cargo-Fleet Wharf, South Shields. She also made trips to Bizerta, Near Tunis and through the Kiel Canal.

Her fate was sealed by being fired at by Israeli gunfire and set on fire.

External resources[edit]
  1. Norman Middlemiss: Travel of the Tramps - Twenty Tramp Fleets ISBN: 1871128021
  2. Miramar Ship Index:
  3. Information extracted from Lloyds Registers


Image 1: SN Gallery photo supplied by Stuart Smith

Main Contributors[edit]
  1. Basic information from John Powell and Clive Ketley
  2. Additional research and construction of page by Benjidog
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