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Anchor Line latterly was part of the Runciman Group and their LINKMOOR was renamed EUCADIA.
This was taken in the late 70s from the Erskine Bridge as she was outbound from Glasgow.The tug is Clyde Shipping Co/s FLYING SCOUT.
I "coasted" the Eucadia on a number of occasions in the early 70s. My first memory is of a Chief Engineer Derek James and a 2nd Engineer Jimmy Lindsay. I didn't get to know the Chief very well but the 2nd was a really good guy who wore a Khaki "Fez" in the engine room. She had a five cylinder Doxford main engine with all-electrical auxilliaries although two small upright boilers fed any steam needs she had. Although at the time she was on the "India Run" I only managed to see Birkenhead, Liverpool, and Glasgow with her.
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