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Hello, i'm brazilian and traveled in the Eugenio Costa in 1996. Where's her now, what is her future, what is going to happen with the BIG RED BOAT II? If somebody knows, please answer me in [email protected]******** Thanks.

PS: Sorry about my english, i can´t talk so well because i never do an english

Ahoy Eugenio,
Once again, I have edited out an email address posted on an Open Forum. This is not a good idea as, although with the best of intentions, it may result in some unwelcome mail arriving in your Inbox, and that's what you're not waiting for, isn't it?

If any Members wish to reply to Eugenio, you can do so via a PM[Private Message]

Oí! Eugenio,
Eu justo levar seu correio eletrônico endereço, não esta boa idéia!!!
Gostar "lixo"???

Desculpas meu Brasileiro escrito.

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