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RIDGWAY (1919 – 1927)
O.N. 105894. 112g. 1n. 88.0 x 19.1 x 10.4 feet.
C.2-cyl. (17½” & 36" x 24") by Hepple & Company, South Shields. 99nhp. 750ihp.
25.8.1896: Launched as CONDOR by J. T. Eltringham & Company, South Shields (Yard No. 187) for George Doust and others (trading as Gamecock Steam Towing Company), Gravesend. 10.1896: Completed. 1896: Registered at London; Vessel No. 155 of 1896. 5.1899: Sold to Herbert Collings, London. 1899: Sold to Azores Coaling Company, Azores. 1915: Sold to R. E. V. James Ltd., Southampton and renamed RIDGWAY. 4.1916: Sold to Tilbury Contracting and Dredging Co. Ltd., London. 12.1919: Sold to John Cooper, 158, Corporation St., Belfast. 12.1927: Sold to Fowey Tug and Salvage Co. Ltd., (Samuel A Buley, manager), Fowey. 1928: Renamed PENLEATH. 10.1941: Sold to Radcliffe Towing and Salvage Company, (William Radcliffe Metcalfe, manager), Ilfracombe. 3.1942: Sold to Cargo Fleet Iron Co. Ltd., Middlesbrough. 1.1946: Demolished at Dunston-on-Tyne.

RIDGEWAY (1937 - 1955)
O.N. 115299. 127g. 11n. 92.0 x 20.2 x 10.7 feet.
C.2-cyl. (16" & 42½" x 27") by J. Cran & Company, Leith. 98nhp. 600ihp.
8.5.1902: Launched as SANDON by Dundee Shipbuilders Company Ltd., Dundee (Yard No. 138) for the Alexandra Towing Company Ltd.
6.1902: Completed by J. Cran & Company, Leith (Yard No. 44). 16.7.1902: Registered at Liverpool. 20.1.1906: Collided with the steamer SOBO (3,652g./1898) in the R. Mersey, capsized and sank with the loss of eight crew. Subsequently raised, repaired and returned to service. 1914: Collided with the steamer WICKLOW (1,174g./1895) off Sandon Dock and sank with loss of four crew, three saved. Subsequently raised, repaired and returned to service. 1914: Renamed HUSKISSON. 1934: Reported as sold to unspecified Arklow buyers. 1934: Sold to Captain Stephen Portus and renamed BALTIC for charter to J. H. Lamey. Name not registered. 1937: Sold to the Misses Adelaide & Amy Cooper, Belfast and renamed RIDGWAY. 1955: Sold to Aberdeen Steam Tug Company (A. W. B. Gill, manager), Aberdeen. 1960: Sold to Aberdeen Harbour Board, Aberdeen. 1962: Demolished by Van den Marel & den Korbe at Bruinisse, Holland.
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