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The history of the company; through changes of ownership until its demise. It includes associated fleets with Prince names, managed vessesl and “known” chartered vessels, nearly all of which also carried Prince names
(Published by B and V., UK 10.2011)

A fleet history of the Dreyfus group and of its associate and subsidiary companies.
(Published by B and V., UK 10.2011)

The fleet histories of these groups that eventually came together in 1980’s and the remains of which were sold in 2006.
(Published by B and V., UK 10.2011)

ADSTEAM (UK) LIMITED – A Group Fleet History in association with David Asprey
(5 books within a book – 1. United Towing Limited – subsidiary and ancestral companies;
2. Alexandra Towing Co.Limited, and subsidiaries; 3. Alexandra Towing Co.(London) Limited, and ancestral companies:
4.Howard Smith (UK) Limited 5. Adsteam (UK) Limited
(Published by B and D., UK 12.2010)

ALFRED HOLT and COMPANY – The Blue Funnel Odyssey
The development of the Liverpool based shipping empire, their subsidiaries and associates, through
to their withdrawal from liner shipping in 1989, transition into land based logistics operations and final 2006 sale to DHL.
(Published by B and V., UK 12.2008)

FROM CLANS TO KINGS AND CASTLES – The Cayzer, Irvine Group in association with Vic McClymont
The development of the company; their subsidiaries, associates, through the creation of the British and Commnwealth Shipping Group and beyond.
(Published by B and V., UK 12.2008)

Printed Books
COURT LINE GROUP in association with Vic McClymont – currently with publisher for Spring 2022

BLUE FUNNEL ODYSSEY in association with Mike Dovey – Sea Post Society - – currently with publisher Anticipated for Summer 2022

The design, development, prefabricated construction and derivatives of a class of 182 vessels including the vessels careers
(Published by The World Ship Society Limited, Windsor, 2019 – ISBN 978 – 0 – 9560769 – 9 -1)

KELLY’S NAVY – John Kelly Limited, Belfast.
The history of this Irish based business together with their subsidiary and associate companies from the early 19th Century
(Published by The World Ship Society Limited, Windsor, 2009 – ISBN – 978-0-9560769-2-2 )

BRITISH SHIPPING FLEETS - Vol. 2 In association with three others
A compendium of five company histories to which the author contributed two; the United Baltic Corporation Limited, and Howdens Limited of Larne.
(Published by Ships In Focus Publications Limited, Longton, 2008 – ISBN 978-1-901703-22-1 )

STENA: A Group Fleet History
Published at the request of Stena to commemorate the Groups first sixty years of shipowning 1946 - 2006.
(Published by The World Ship Society Limited, Windsor, 2006 - ISBN 0 - 9543310 - 7 - 9)

GLEN AND SHIRE LINES In association with Malcolm Cooper and William Laxon.
The history of the London based Glen and Shire Lines, having their origins in Scotland and Wales.
(Published by Ships In Focus Publications, Longton, 2005 – ISBN 1 - 901703 – 65 - 7)

BP TANKERS: A Group Fleet History. In association with Dr. Ray Solly.
A profusely illustrated history of this multi-faceted fleet of over 1,000 vessels, be they owned outright,
or through subsidiary or associate companies. The work also details the development of the tanker in
parallel with the growth of the group since its inception as the Anglo-Persian Oil Company.
(Published by Chatham Publishing Limited, London, 2005 - ISBN 1 – 86176 – 251 - 6)

JEBSENS - A Group History.
The history of Norway’s Kristian Jebsen Rederi AS, (KJR), and their multi-national group of companies.
(Published by The World Ship Society Limited, Windsor, 2005 - ISBN 0 - 9543310 - 6 - 0)

A profusely colour-illustrated fleet history of the ever-expanding, Arklow based shipping group,
from 1966, including their formative companies and now also, a Netherlands based subsidiary.
(Published by Bernard McCall, Portishead, 2004 - ISBN 1-902953-15-0)

SHAMROCK SHIPPING – Incorporating the David Dorman Group.
The history of these Irish based companies from 1888 and 1863 respectively through unification to today’s much diminished shipping activity.
(Published by The World Ship Society Limited, Windsor, 2004 - ISBN 0 9543310 - 3 - 6)

SAFMARINE - The South African Marine Corporation Limited – A Group History. In association with Capt. C. R. Mackenzie.
The history of the Cape Town based company from 1946 until its 1999 break up and sale.
(Published by The World Ship Society, Gravesend, 2002 - ISBN 0 905617-98-3)

THE CLYDE SHIPPING COMPANY. In association with P. J. Telford.
The history of the Glasgow based Company from 1815 until its 2000 acquisition by Cory Towage Limited
(Published by P. J. Telford, Canterbury, 2002 - ISBN 0 9542527-0-5)

The history of the company and their owned, managed, and chartered vessels, together with the fleets of their subsidiary and associated companies.
(Published by The World Ship Society, Gravesend, 2000 - ISBN 0 905617-93-2)

SHIPS IN FOCUS – BLUE FUNNEL LINE In association with John Clarkson and Roy Fenton.
A pictorial fleet history of the Liverpool based shipping group.
(Published by Ships in Focus Publications, Longton, 1998 - ISBN 1 901703-00-2)

The history of the Hadley Shipping Company Limited, and their associate companies.
(Published by The World Ship Society, Gravesend, 1997 - ISBN 0 905617-83-5)

HEAD LINE (G. Heyn and Sons Limited)
The history of the Ulster Steamship Company Limited, and their associate companies.
(Published by The World Ship Society, Kendal, 1990 - ISBN 0 905617-53-3)

STENA (1939 – 1989)
The first fifty years of the Swedish controlled multi-national shipping and trading group.
(Published by Stena Ab, Gothenburg, 1990 - ISBN 91 85786-411)

EMPIRE TUGS In association with Ken Turrell.
The history of the EMPIRE prefixed, British Government tugs, introduced during World War 2.
(Published by The World Ship Society, Kendal, 1988 - ISBN 0 905617-47-9)

In preparation
BURIES MARKES – currently with the publisher No fixed date as yet
COE, METCALF GROUP - in association with Dr Roy Fenton – currently with publisher
DENHOLMS – currently with publisher under assessment
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