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TEMPLE LANE (2) (1954 – 1968)
O.N.186140. 7,848g. 4,535n. 10,050d. 437.3 x 58.2 x 23.5 feet
by1969: 7,701g. 4,191n. (tonnage mark 5,295g. 2,651n.)
4-cyl. 2 SCSA (600 x 2,320mm) by David Rowan & Co., Glasgow 3300bhp
21.6.1954: Launched by Lithgows Ltd, Port Glasgow (Yard No. 1084)
15.10.1954: Registered at London
10.1954: Completed for Temple Steamship Co. Ltd. (Lambert Brothers Ltd., managers), London.
1968: Sold to Euxine Shipping Co. Ltd., and renamed DUNSTER under Hong Kong registry
1969: Sold to Leopard Shipping Co. (1969) Ltd (Bird & Co.), Hong Kong and renamed DEUTERORNIS and returned to London registry
1969: Re-registered at Hong Kong
1971: Sold to Felicity Shipping Co. S.A. (Navarino Shipping & Transport Co., managers) Piraeus and renamed HUMANITY
1973 Sold to Fidelity Maritime Co. Ltd., Famagusta and renamed LAURICE FIDELITY
1974: Sold to East Aegean Naviera S.A., Panama (G. Spanos Maritime & Trading Ltd., managers) Piraeus and renamed AEGEAN NAVIGATOR under Panama flag
1977: Sold to Northwave Navigation S.A., Panama (same managers) and renamed NORTH WAVE under Greek flag.
21.4.1981: Sprang a leak and was beached at Alexandria
1985: Demolished

TEMPLE MAIN (1958 – 1969)
O.N.187760. 8,005g. 4,554n. 10,405d. 458.3 x 58.8 x 26.9 feet
4-cyl. 2 SCSA (600 x 2320mm) Doxford 60LBD4 type by Vickers-Armstrongs (Engineering) Ltd, Barrow in Furness. 3,300bhp. 12 kts.
12.6.1956: Keel laid by Caledon Shipbuilding & Engineers Co. Ltd., Dundee (Yard No 511)
22.11.1957: Launched
4.1958: Completed for Temple Steamship Co. Ltd. (Lambert Brothers Ltd., managers), London.
1969: Sold to Cia Nav, Santa Irene SA, Greece and renamed IRINI.
1984: Sold to Spirit Shipping Ltd and renamed SPIRIT, under Malta flag
7.6.1984: Abdullan Industries commenced demolition at Gadani Beach
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