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From CBC -

Ferry passengers set adrift after cable snaps

The Englishtown Ferry in Cape Breton, N.S., could be back in operation by Tuesday, after a cable snapped on the weekend and gave about 20 passengers an unexpected adventure.

Officials said Monday that they hoped the ferry would be ready to resume service on Tuesday.

The cable used to tow the ferry across the channel from Jersey Cove to Englishtown broke just before 5 p.m. AT on Sunday, leaving the vessel floating helplessly.

The deck crew let the ferry float to a nearby beach, where local residents used a tractor and a fishing boat, plus the efforts of the crew and passengers, to get it close to shore.

The ferry's crew was then able to drop the ramp and let passengers drive their cars off to the Cabot Trail.

The vessel's captain said the cable had just been replaced in February and inspected only a week earlier.

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