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from the Herald
she's so quick she can outrun a frigate.a Scottish led international team of engineers yesterday unveiled the car ferry of the future,a gaint capable of carrying 2,000 passengers at 35knots and prehaps saving Europe's shipbilding industry.
designers from 13 nations have spent six years prefecting Fast Ropax thanks to revolutionary software delvoloped and managed at Strathclyde University.
the ship is the product of an 8million pound experiment to allow engineers from different countries and yards to work to-gether and share expertise.and it seems to have worked.
the theory,backed by the European Union,is that the new "virtual shipyard" devoloped at Strathclyde will help designers iron out mistakes that emerge when they work on their own.
the ferry still does not have a buyer,despite successful trails of models.
the computer platform that created her,however has a real future,and could be adapted to devolop other technologies
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