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We all often have trouble with various phone and computer related issues, but do we want to sit on the phone for 30 minutes racking up a bill?
Probably not.

So here is a number for Talk Talk (UK) instead of their 0345

0800 049 1375
They talked me into changing to the faster broadband, but failed to tell me that they were taking over my BT line. They sent the router than I got a letter from BT 'Sorry you are leaving us'.
Eh! Up there, I thought.
So I switched everything to BT so ✌ to TT.
Now I have to figure out how to get myself a BT email address sorted. I have been with AOL for the past 20 years since we got our first computer, but they have passed the billing on to others finaly going to TT.
We are able to keep our AOL address without a fee unlike most companies.

So perhaps anybody finding 0800 free call numbers perhaps would like to add a post.
Even non IT could be helpfull to some, all being 'poor pensioners'.
Best thing is to state your country also for those in our commonwealth.
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