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Like our old seagoing days geared bulk carrier Trudy spent about ten days alongside in Duluth MN USA

Four minutes fifty-one seconds real time video

Screen capture: 20190710-1941-PDT-Piers1-Trudy.jpg

Liberian flag Trudy arriving Duluth July 10, 2019

Three minutes twenty-one seconds real time video

Screen capture: 20190720-Piers1-Trudy.jpg

Liberian flag Trudy departing Duluth July 20, 2019


Trudy at Duluth Clure Marine Terminal discharging a Bentonite clay cargo.


Taconite is mined in Northern Minnesota. Taconite itself is the rock formation in which the iron, in the form of magnetite, is contained. The taconite rock is mined and the iron separated out and formed into pellets that are shipped to steel mills to be made into steel.

Bentonite is used as a binder for holding the taconite concentrate together in the pellet forming process.


20190710-1941-PDT-Piers1-Trudy.jpg (103.1 KB)
20190717-1713-PDT-Harbor-Cam-Trudy.jpg (115.4 KB)
20190720-Piers1-Trudy.jpg (150.4 KB)

Greg Hayden
Vista, CA USA


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Bentonite is a miserable cargo to carry as it will stick and if it encounters any moisture the big problems. Around here it is used when they drill a water well to seal the casing.
Can understand why it took so long to discharge.
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