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Genting Cruise Lines has become the exclusive cruise partner of Okinawa Agricultural Cooperatives Association (JA Okinawa) and Leospo Incorporated (Leospo Inc.) with the three parties signing a Memorandum of Understanding on August 10.

The deal calls for Okinawa’s selection of home-grown and locally produced delicacies, such as the world-famous Okinawa Wagyu beef and Okinawa Agu pork, to be served on Dream Cruises and Star Cruises voyages to Okinawa, Japan.

From now until December, guests will have the chance to taste local produce and delicacies from Okinawa throughout their journeys from ship to shore.

Guests will also enjoy seasonal farm-to-table fruits and vegetables, such as Goya (bitter gourd) and pineapple, as well as signature Okinawan food such as Sheikwasha (flat lemon) juice and brown sugar, Genting said.

The exclusive partnership also includes thematic programs aboard World Dream

Guests will enjoy a variety of 46 different kinds of Awamori, a distilled spirit that is unique to Okinawa. In addition to the Awamori tasting sessions and as part of “Taste the Dream – Wine and Dine at Sea”, epicureans can treat themselves to Awarmori pairing menus, featuring the 4-hands menu created by Chef Wan Tat Kong, a culinary expert of traditional Chinese and Japanese Kaiseki cuisine.

As part of the collaboration with JA Okinawa, Dream Cruises will be hosting a special “Okinawa Wagyu Month” in September aboard World Dream, featuring the highly sought-after Okinawa Wagyu beef that will be available at complimentary BBQ parties, as well as specialty a-la-carte dishes.

Besides that, Dream Cruises will also host two cycling cruises aboard World Dream in October, catering to cyclists of different biking skills.

Professional cyclists will enjoy the highly intensive cycling tour of Okinawa from October 14-19, where participants from Hong Kong and Singapore will have the chance to share their love for cycling while visiting destinations in Naha and Miyakojima, clocking in a total of 95 kilometres.

For those who prefer cycling for leisure, a light-hearted cycling tour will also be available on World Dream from October 21-26. Guests can cycle and explore various iconic tourist destinations at their own pace; the first cycling day will end on a relaxing note with spa and dinner in one of the most renowned resorts in Naha, while the second day will take cyclists to local popular attractions in Miyakojima, including the renowned Skipjack Tuna Cutting Show, a spectacular display of traditional craftsmanship and dedication.

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