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hi stevie i am casting my memory back some 47 years or so 1957 we had a captain on the journalist who took us round the land to glasgow and back to liverpool before we set sail on our main voyage he was a part time captain and his name was jackson i was told by my shipmates that he was the captain of the geologist when it sank in 1955 he went down with the ship but was miraculouslly saved alongside a couple of cadet officers who came back to the surface in some sort of air bubble a short time after that i sailed with an ab by the name of vinny da silva he told me and my fellow shipmates that he was a member of the crew of the sun princess when it was in collision with the geologist he told us that the duty watch on the sun princess were all under the influence of drink and he said he had testified in favour of harrisons to this effect now this may seem a bit corny but he told us he had a job for life with harrisons as part of his reward for testifying i dont know the exact date the geologist went down i seem to recall it may have been during the christmas new year period and this may be why the duty watch on the sun princess had been drinkinig if any of this is true can anyone out there enlighten me as i said befor i am remembering what i was told over 47 years ago bye for now lofty
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