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Hi Keith

In 1906 Nisbet, Calder formed the Clydesdale Navigation Co Ltd, In 1913 the company became George Nisbet & Co Ltd, During WWI they sold two of their vessels and the remaining vessel, the Blairhall 2549g/1899, was sunk by UC40. After the war they returned to shipowning. In 1924 the Nisbet Shipping Co Ltd was formed and the prefix "Blair..." formally adopted. By 1929 they owned 8 vessels in three companies. At the start of WWII they owned 9 vessel and were allocated a further 8 vessels by the M.o.W.T. Losses were heavy, 8 by enemy action and 2 by collision and 1 foundered.
The still had three vessels in 1955 but they were sold and the companies wound up in 1961.

Taken for; "British Ocean Tramps - Volume 2. Owners and their ships" by P N Thomas



N.B. The Blairgowrie was "lost" in the Atlantic in 1935.


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