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From RIA Novosti -

A German shipyard has built and floated a third container carrier for a Russian shipping company in the Far East, a company spokeswoman said Tuesday.

Under a contract, the container vessel will be the last out of three carriers built by Aker Ostsee yard in Wismar, Germany, for Russia's Far Eastern Shipping Company (FESCO). The carriers will be the largest in Russia.

"The last touches on the vessel will be made on the water," said FESCO spokeswoman Veronika Kazakova. "The testing of the container carrier, FESCO Bratsk, has been scheduled for September 5."

The other two carriers built by Aker Ostsee are FESCO Baikal and FESCO Barguzin.

The first carrier, FESCO Baikal, became part of the FESCO fleet on July 20. FESCO Barguzin is to be commissioned on August 17, and FESCO Bratsk completed on September 14.

The new container vessels have a carrying capacity of 2,741 20-feet containers, including 400 refrigerators. They have a maximum speed of 22 knots and are equipped with three 45-ton cargo cranes.

FESCO is Russia's oldest shipping company, set up more than a hundred years ago. It supports 14 international and domestic container lines, has a fleet of 75 vessels and coordinates a fleet of 50,000 containers.

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