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From Dennis O'Hara Duluth Harbor Cam:


JOYCE L.VANENKEVORT (improvised ice breaker) arrived Two Harbors 03/27/2019


Joyce is an ATB and disconnected to break ice in Two Harbors while docking.

Joyce and her sister ship Clyde traveled from Ohio together and Clyde is now in Silver Bay MN.

Greg Hayden
Greg, thanks for the link, I was fascinated by the manoeuvrability of the craft, though in fast motion. Like a mother hen and her chick, I had to smile at the whole operation, being the first time I had seen anything comparable.



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Great Lakes ATB's Joyce & Clyde Van Enkevort ATB = Articulated Tug Barge


Barge Particulars
Length 740' 00" (225.55m)
Beam 78' 00" (23.77m)
Depth 45' 00" (13.72m)
Midsummer Draft 30' 00" (9.14m)
Unloading Boom Length 265' (80.77m)
Capacity 39,600 tons

Built for Great Lakes Marine Leasing and operated by Van Enkevort Tug and Barge of Escanaba, MI. Great Lakes Trader is pushed by the 135 foot tug Joyce L. Van Enkevort, which was built in 1998 by Bay Shipbuilding Co., Sturgeon Bay, WI. The tug is powered by two 5,100 b.h.p. Caterpillar 3612 12-cylinder diesel engines.

Great Lakes Trader was constructed in two halves at Halter Marine's yard in Pearlington, MS and then towed to the New Orleans yard to be joined together and outfitted. The tug sailed from the Great Lakes to New Orleans to be mated up with the newly finished barge for the return trip back to the Great Lakes. The pair departed the Gulf on May 28, 2000, and arrived on the lakes in mid-June after transiting the St. Lawrence Seaway. Special care had to be used in transiting the locks because of her size.

The Trader is the 16th largest carrier on the Great Lakes, with maximum seaway dimensions of 740 x 78 feet. Her cargo capacity is 39,600 tons. The Great Lakes Trader loaded its first cargo of taconite for Indiana Harbor, June 23, 2000 in Escanaba. Since then she has been a frequent visitor, not only to Escanaba, but to Lake Superior ports, carrying ore for various customers around the lakes and stone cargoes to various ports.

Stern View Mike Sipper:

Lower St. Marys River, April 1, 2014 Brian Wagoner:

Ojibway delivering supplies, May 24, 2016 Roger LeLievre:


Ojibway is the name of the supply boat. This Ships Chandler has their store right on the St. Mary's River adjacent to the Soo Locks. Many Great Lakes fleets utilize this delivery service. Welcome to Soo Marine Supply, Inc.

Ships Chandlers carry EVERYTHING one needs to operate a ship. Food and beverages of course but also paint and boiler water treatment chemicals well all chemicals. Understand that diesel engine propelled ships still have steam boilers. Underway sometimes boilers are heated with the exhaust from the diesel main propulsion engines routed through the boilers, otherwise they burn some type of fuel.


The articulated tug Clyde S. Van Enkevort was completed in February 2011 at Donjon Shipbuilding and Repair LLC in Erie, Pa. She is mated with the self-unloading barge Erie Trader, which was completed at the Donjon yard in April 2012. Both are owned and operated by Van Enkevort Tug & Barge of Escanaba, Mich.,

Both units, which were owned at the time by Seajon, a joint venture between SEACOR Holdings Inc. and Donjon, were christened at ceremonies in Erie on April 10, 2012. The combined tug/barge unit entered service under charter to American Steamship Company in May 2012 under the names Ken Boothe Sr. (tug) and Lakes Contender (barge).

The Ken Boothe Sr. was named in memory of the former shipyard manager for Donjon Shipbuilding and Repair. Lakes Contender was named by the builder to commemorate its entry into the Great Lakes shipbuilding industry.

The American Steamship Co, charter was not renewed in 2017. Both are now owned and operated by Van Enkevort Tug & Barge of Escanaba, Mich.

The Clyde S. Van Enkevort is powered by twin 5,400 HP MaK diesel engines driving two controllable pitch propellers. The Erie Trader is equipped with electric power generators for ballast pump operation and hydraulic power units for conveyor system operation. Self-unloading equipment consists of a single tunnel belt and loop belt system which elevates cargo to a hydraulically-actuated unloading boom. The barge is equipped with a 1,000 HP diesel-driven bow thruster.

Clyde S. Van Enkevort, the tug’s namesake, entered the marine industry in the late 1960s. He was a specialist in integrated tug/barge design, with one of his biggest accomplishments being the building of the tug Joyce L. Van Enkevort and the barge Great Lakes Trader. He died Feb. 20, 2016.

Written by Roger LeLievre.

Tug Particulars
Length 135' 04" (41.25m)
Beam 50' 00" (15.24m)
Depth 26' 00" (7.92m)
Midsummer Draft 19' 00" (5.79m)
Engine Power 10,876 bhp diesel
Previous Names
Ken Boothe Sr. 2011 - 2017
Clyde S. Van Enkevort 2017 - Today


20190328-ClydeSVanEnkevort-ErieTrader03-24-17-eb-E1.jpg (90.1 KB)
20190328-Joyce-5-GRT-4-10-10-MS-E.jpg (102.4 KB)
20190328-Joyce-greatlakestrader-4-1-14bw-E.jpg (153.5 KB)
20190328-Ojibway-JoyceL-RL-E.jpg (111.2 KB)
20190328-Soo Mich resupply vessel Ojibway-E2.jpg (99.6 KB)

Greg Hayden


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