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This liner was built by William Patterson of Bristol and was fitted with a steam engine of 750 hp, consuming 30 tons of fuel per day.
In 1838 the vessel was completed and had a top speed of 11 knots. With a length of 236 ft and a tonnage of GRT 1320 she was big for a ship of the time.
The Great Western made 70 voyages over the Atlantic between 1838 and 1844 and her fastest crossing took a bit over 12 days..
This may not look impressive but it had to be compared with sailing ships which usually took around 33 days.
After having been removed from the New York route the ship was sold in1847 to the Royal Mail Steam Packet Co Ltd., and sailed for a further 10 years between England and the West Indies.
In 1857 the ship was scrapped at Vauxhall, England.

An early Blue Riband holder.

Oil painting by John Gardner
copyright: Hempel A/S, Copenhagen 01/90


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