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Grimsby Fishing Vessels

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Hi everyone, I've started this thread to discuss Grimsby fishing vessels. I'm in the process of compiling a database of the above and, would welcome any contributions on this theme. ie. photo's, stories of life on board, histories of the vessels etc.

Hopefully as this thread develops, it can become a reference point for people with similar interests.


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Hi all,

I'm desperately looking for a photograph of the SS Yarmouth, GY334. Official number 108471.

The Grimsby archives told me they hold records of trawlers up to 1914. Anything after that I would have to take a trip to Cleethorpes while they renovate the Grimsby Library research department. However the image they have is of the "Margaret".

I'm researching as my Great Grandfather apparently commited suicide on it between the 6th and 10th July 1915. However, the ship i'm after was lost at sea in a later voyage in 1915, and I was told that it's number was then given to the "Margaret". A picture of the "Margaret" is here. But that's not the one I want, I want the Yarmouth....! Oh my this is so difficult this family history!

On Mr Roger Griffiths advice I have requested info from the National Maritime Museum and form the crew list index. On the index search I get the following result: 1914: S1 / 1915: S1. I've requested a quote for the full agreement and logbook for 1915. Hope it doesn't cost a lot. Fingers crossed I get somewhere, but i'm losing faith I will find an image of the Yarmouth GY334.

So please, any help would be massively appreciated.
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As far as I know the number GY334 was given to two Trawlers one being the Yarmouth the other was the James Evans. Margaret the trawler was GY1112.

Yarmouth left Grimsby and was reported missing on 8th November 1915. It seems it is not known what happened to her. The photo you have is a seine netter and is much more recent. I will look through my photo's and see if I have one if I do I will PM you.

I hope this helps.
This is the picture I think I linked to, I apologise if I taken picture without permission.

Because it says GY334 and the flag at top of the ship says Margaret, I pressumed this was the case.

I hold my hands up to admit I know nothing of trawlers so don't know what a seine netter is, But I would be so grateful for your help.


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I have found that she belonged to Consolidated Fisheries but there seems to be nothing further in the records I have seen for them. The ship in your photo was lost out of Jersey and is nothing to do with your research.

Thanks, i'll keep that in mind.
If of any interest to you all, here is an amazing article I found in the New Zealand paper archive. I photoshop'ed it to make it much smaller as the image was the whole column. Why on earth this got reported that far away is beyond me:

Source is here right at the bottom and carries on to the next page:
Auckland Star, Volume XLVI, Issue 205, 28 August 1915, Page 14 and 15


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The crew list for when she went missing is as follows:-

Missing Register closed December 1915,

J Blyth,
T Postle,
T Marks,
A Ree,
C Critton,
J Gifrig,
J Bray,
B Harris,
J Meek.

It could be Possible that some of the crew where on the ship when your Great Grandfather was on her.

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It would be very likely I assume, maybe on the reports Ive asked for from RMG
As far as I know the number GY334 was given to two Trawlers one being the Yarmouth the other was the James Evans
My records suggest that there were at least two other vessels who had the port number GY334

PILOT official number 56980 1871-1892


PRINCESS ACTHEEN? a small 32.72 ton vessel from 27/June/1940 until 29/April/1941

Could anyone confirm and give the correct name for PRINCESS ACTHEEN?

Thanks and regards

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Yes you are correct the registration was given to other vessels but the info I have says they where not trawlers as I have said one was the siene netter in Warpo's photo not sure about the Princess Actheen. I will have a look and see what I can find.

Sorry Graham,
My post was not intended to reflect on Warpo's question. I just wished to clarify my own records. Find attached from returns of GY fishing vessels 1933-1938.


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Hi Warpo,
Here is a painting that I did of the ABERDEEN, a sister-ship to the YARMOUTH. This may give you a good idea of what she looked like.....




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Thanks Graham, very helpful.
And thank you too Steve, amazing artwork. Just wish the yarmouth would've been the subject of your painting.
I gather Dave not too well at the moment but told he is on the mend.
His list he did when sorting and cataloguing all their trawler photographs.
Sorry Bill, I have only just seen this message. I was really sorry to hear that Dave was not well, hope he is recovering.

I will try to get up to Grimsby library when it reopens next year.

So sorry for the delay in responding.

GY Registrations

Happy New year all
I have just finished listing all of the GY registrations from GY 1 - 1399
giving the names and dates held by each registry in numerical order

Please have a look and let me know if I have missed any

here is the link

Well done Trevor!
Have sent you a mail with some ammendments. Will get back with others. Would not allow me to attach on the forum.

Hi Roger
Many thanks just going through the email now, look forward to hearing from you soon

Very Best regards and a happy new year

Does anyone have a photo of GY140 Fortuna?

EDIT: or indeed any vessel that looked similar.

Thanks in advance!
Clem, great thread, I have recently found out that my G Grandfather was lost off a Grimsby Fishing Smack in 1882 I wondered if you or others may have a picture of this type of Vessel the actual one was called Adventure GY 181 03/1869 until 08/1882 (thanks to Kerbtrawler's list)
It sank due to a collision with a Steamer called Woodstock out of Leith even a picture of this would be great, fingers crossed, cheers Laurie
Hi Clem iam trying to find out about a fhising boat called LIBYAN built 1913 reg grimsby the reason for this is a friend brought a house in essex and it has the ships bell inside the deeds say the bell must stay in the house do you know anything about this ship thankyou roy
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