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Looks like JC Harrison's ships were always running out of food. I was on the Hartismere from Aug 1948 Thru Oct 1949 and we ran out of food homeward bound from Hong Kong,hit a Typhoon,salt water got into the fresh water,lost a lifeboat,we were eating dry peas,pea soup,pea pudding,refer stopped working so we had to throw all the food and meat over the side,we tried to catch the rain in tarps hung between the hatches and drain the water out of the steam lines of the winches.Other than that episode we ate good and she was a fine ship. The company flag was a broken arm of a Knight, with a broken spear or arrow held in the hand,with the words PERSEVERANCE written on the bottom of the flag. The ship was dry back in them days,No beer anywhere on -board
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